I am a member of the Minneapolis Redistricting Group*, which will be redrawing the boundaries for the City Council wards and Park Board districts using data from the 2020 Census. Read on to learn more about redistricting in Minneapolis.


Basic Information about the redistricting process can be found on the City's website:

Who else is on the Redistricting Group?

Redistricting in Minneapolis is performed by the Redistricting Group.

The Redistricting Group is made up of the 15 members of the Minneapolis Charter Commission and 9 members of the Advisory Group, for a total of 24 members.

Link to list of Charter Commission members

Link to list of Advisory Group Members

How can I be involved?

The Redistricting Group will hold public hearings on the following dates:

November 17th, 2021; 4pm

December 16th, 2021; 7pm

February 9th, 2022; 7pm

February 24th, 2022; 4pm

More information will be posted closer to the dates on the city's website.

You can also draw your own maps using the website

Here are sample maps to get started:

City Council Ward Map:

Park Board District Map:

Website to submit maps:

Where can I find more information about the redistricting process?

This MinnPost article gives a good summary of the process.

I was interviewed (and photographed!) for this Sahan Journal article about halfway through the process.

*All views provided on this website are my own and do not represent any official position of the Redistricting Group or the City of Minneapolis